I have been collecting broken pieces from the urban decay in my surroundings in Glasgow city as clear evidence for collapsing. These are to remind me of a type of death that we want to avoid. I call these the 'dead skin cells' that have fallen off of the surface of the earth. I imagine the future of the earth might be made of debris, and chemicals from the debris.

I make 3D scans of the collected pieces. The digital data of these pieces will gradually accumulate and expand like a virtual museum, a museum that stands as a failed modern faith in the future. This is a digital catalogue, for after the current civilisation falls, and after my body, and your body, perishes. Even though our life has disappeared, there will exist digital data to provide proof of our existence.

After the 3D scan, I crush them into smaller pieces like dirt. I call this renewed material the 'post-futurist soil'. It will be used for various purposes in my following process.


Post-futurist soil-processing table

max 150 x 132 x 91, min 98 x 70 x 91(cm)

artificial debris, Manifesto, 3D scanning plate, 3D Digital-archive,

crushing machine, post-futurist soil, soil analysis kit, plant, amulet, steel, wood, wheel, diverse hinges



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