New World

New World

In the Project: Post-future Ground, I have been collecting broken artificial pieces from the urban decay found across Glasgow city as clear evidence for collapsing of the current civilisation. I call this urban flotsam as the 'dead skin cells' that shed off of the solid surface of the earth. I imagine the new world of the earth might be made of the debris.​​


I build a digital archive for the pieces. The digital data of them will gradually accumulate and expand like a virtual museum, a museum that stands as a failed modern faith in the future. This is a digital catalogue, for after the current civilisation falls, and after my body, and your body, perishes. 

After the 3D scan, I crush them and made renewed material, the 'Post-futurist soil'. I made the table for the whole process of the project that includes 3D scanning, crushing, analysing, and re-producing. It also involves the manifesto tor the soil.

It is passed through the analysis of its' components and prepares for re-using for a new cycle.

In the following project, there will be a virtual island that has the earth's strata filled with the soil.

post-futurist soil processing table


manifesto for the post-futurist soil



for the

dead skin cells

of the earth


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Project_Post-futurist soil_artificial de

Post-futurist soil


for the new cycle :


Digital drawing

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