Solo Project 

2020 -    Project: Post-future Ground 포스트-퓨쳐 그라운드, Online

2017      Project: Movement for the Breakaway 이탈을 위한 움직임 , Atertain Stage, Seoul

Group Project 

2018      R.I.P - Serene Remembrance, This Weekend Room, Seoul

2016      Dancing on the Field, Woosuk gallery, Seoul

Group Exhibition 

2020      K, Stow building, Glasgow

2019      Are you well light well?, Garage space, Glasgow 

              Torpor / A Bliss / A Slump, Haarlemmerweg 613, Amsterdam 
2018      닿지 않는 것을 향한 움직임, ODRU Project x Parc, Parc, Seoul

              Still There, Sidae Yeog-wan, Seoul 

              Touch dry, aloq episode, Seoul 

              One hundred shadows, Seongbuk Art Pumping station, Dimension variable, Seoul 

              In the forest, Nokdu zip, Seoul, Korea 
2017      The 3rd Project Show, Project Space SARUBIA, Seoul 

              Ouroboros_fall into looking elsewhere, Woosuk gallery, Seoul

              Bahm-yi in the cave, Dongul 4ho, Seoul 

2016      8Shot-!, aloq episode, Seoul 

              From h to H, gallery Scandia, Seoul 
              Drawing Monster Spirit, Take out drawing, Seoul 

              Mixing, Space9, Seoul 
              STORE: Thinking Furniture, Drawing space Salgoo, Seoul 

2015      Open studio, 74-309 and corridor, Seoul, Korea 

              Performance at boundary area, 74-315 and Abandoned place, Seoul and Gimpo 

              PICTURED : Untying tangled Thinking, NamSan Library Gallery, Seoul 

2014      Let's meet and talk, Jamsil Creative Studio Hanelyeun, Seoul 

              The discovery of Art in everyday life, !dea factory, Seoul 

              Discovery, Art Center PPlus, Seoul 

2012      Graduate Exhibition, Seoul National University, Seoul 



2020      Master of Letters in Fine Art Practice, Sculpture, The Glasgow School of Art, UK

2018      M.F.A. in Fine Arts, Seoul National University, South Korea

2013      B.F.A. in Oriental Painting, Seoul National University, South Korea

2020      Royal Scottish Academy 2020 John Kinross Scholarship, Scotland, UK

2018      Seoul Youth Arts Group(R.I.P - Serene Remembrance), Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, South Korea

2017      Initial Art Support, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, South Korea

              SNU Zebra Crossing Project, Seoul National University, South Korea
              Academic Future Generations Scholarship, Seoul National University, South Korea

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